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Tourism Commercial Casting Call

Casting directors are now casting for an upcoming Tourism Commercial. TOURISM COMMERCIAL AUDITION: If you are interested, please email your photo/contact info to: casting@beyondearthfilms.com, with the subject title: TOURISM, “your name” The client prefers REAL PEOPLE for this one as opposed to actors/models: Auditions will occur by Appointment Only on Wednesday, February 28th 2018 at 5522 E La Palma Ave, Anaheim California. Role: FISHERMAN BEACH FAMILY SURFER Looking for (all races/types….attractive healthy looking people): -Man Fishing age 30’s and above (must know how to cast a line)
 -Families playing at a beach or going to dinner (Parents and Kids….Any age, boy/girl)
 -Older couples strolling (ages 50s/70s)
 -Younger people (ages 20’s-40’s) doing various activities: paddle boarding/surfing/strolling/waiting tables
Inviata da Beyond Earth Films
Inviato da MOONCASTING il lunedì 25 febbraio 2019 - 23:49:26 Stampa veloce  Crea pdf di questo provino 

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