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Model Casting Calls 2016 Los Angeles Model Face Off

2016 Official Los Angeles – Las Vegas Model Face Off Magazine Photo Shoot Model Casting Call 2016 Magazine Model Casting Call For All Aspiring Models in Los Angeles, Hollywood, San Diego, Las Vegas, Long Beach, Santa Monica, Pasadena Are you an aspiring female model or professional female model age 18-35 that would like the opportunity to build an excellent photo portfolio, receive a free magazine photo shoot, and be featured in an internationally known fashion and lingerie model magazine that’s read by thousand of people each day, including casting agents for both fashion and entertainment companies worldwide? This is one of the biggest print modeling magazine opportunities of 2016 for all beautiful aspiring models on the West Coast and one modeling opportunity you don’t want to miss if you are an aspiring model serious about taking your modeling career to the next level. The 2016 Los Angeles Model Face Off is a free magazine model photo shoot for Ripping Runways Magazine, Project Couture Magazine, Ethnic Queen Magazine, and Girl 9 Bikini Magazine and it will be taking place in Los Angeles, California in October, 2016 and all female models that are selected for this excellent modeling opportunity will be featured in one of our magazines. We are now casting the hottest and most talented Asian models, Indonesian models, Ethnic models, African models, European models, Latina models, Indian models, Polynesian models, Russian models, African American models, White models, Italian models, Bi-racial models, erotic models, exotic models, vixen models, artistic nude models, fitness models, bikini models, inked models, nude models, and beautiful females with fit sexy bodies on the West Coast and giving all selected female models a free magazine photo shoot and the opportunity to face off against other hot models from Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Long Beach, San Diego, Santa Monica, Hollywood, and Pasadena, and all female models selected to participate in the 2016 Los Angeles Model Face Off in October will also be featured in one of our very popular internationally known magazines. If you are a beautiful female model that lives in Los Angeles, Las Vegas, Long Beach, San Diego, Santa Monica, Hollywood, or Pasadena ages 18-35 and you feel you have what it takes to be a featured print model in one of our internationally known online magazines, and you are able to come to Los Angeles, California in October, please submit 6 high resolution full body photos that are no older than 12 months and a bio with your phone number and what city and state you are from to: modelfaceoff©mail.com PLEASE READ THIS CASTING CALL CAREFULLY, ALL MODELS SELECTED FOR THE 2016 LOS ANGELES CALIFORNIA MODEL FACE OFF MUST PROVIDE THEIR OWN TRANSPORTATION AND LODGING TO LOS ANGELES IF YOU ARE SELECTED FOR THIS FREE 1 DAY MAGAZINE PHOTO SHOOT. Please Feel Free To Visit Our Websites and Read Our Magazines At The Links Below: International Beauty Movement Web Site: http://internationalbeaut.wix.com/internationalbeauty Click Link Below To Become A Member of the International Beauty Movement: https://plus.google.com/communities/116221426422258310365 PLEASE CLICK LINKS BELOW TO VIEW Girl 9 MAGAZINES ONLINE: http://girl9magazine.wix.com/girl9magazine#!current-issue http://girl9magazine.wix.com/girl9magazine#!last-issue Please Click One Of the Links Below To Read Ethnic Queen Magazine: http://internationalbeaut.wix.com/internationalbeauty#!online-magazine http://issuu.com/rippingrunways/docs/2016_ethnic_queen_magazine_debut_is?e=6108760/37587277 2016 PHILLY MODEL FACE OFF VIDEO HIGHLIGHTS CLICK LINK BELOW: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oBB1bMbJp6Q&feature=youtu.be 2016 Ripping Runways Magazine Philly Model Face Edition Click Link Below: http://rippingrunways.wix.com/rippingrunways#!full-magazine https://issuu.com/rippingrunways/docs/2016_ripping_runways_magazine_phill/1?e=6108760/30000297 Please visit our casting call link to view all of our current casting calls for aspiring female models worldwide at: http://rippingrunways.blogspot.com/
Inviata da International Beauty Movement
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