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Male/Female Models Needed For Our Monthly Magazine Photo Shoot. USA. $2,500 For 3Days Photo Shoot.

I am a Photographer and i am looking for male/female models for our monthly magazine photo shoot. We're currently looking for people who are fun, intelligent, interactive, outgoing, responsible. If you are interested in modeling some fashion outfit, i would like you to email me for more details....No nudity nor fetish is involve. Escorts are always welcome to attend as long as they don't interfere with the model's focus. Transportation and lodging will be provided.

No experience is needed
Must have open availability (evenings, weekends etc.) Must be willing to learn and open to ideas

For more comprehensive detailed info as regards the photo shoot.. feel free to email me at:johnmorris5511©yahoo.com
The Pay is $2,500 for the 3days Photo Shoot!

We always pay on time and we take care of our Models

Have a nice day and i look forward to working with you

John Morris
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