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Casting for Spec Shoot/photoshoot for Feature Film

I am casting for a spec shoot/photoshoot for a feature film comedy, which is shooting later this year. The material will be used to garner interest and for mock-ups. Casting is as follows: Old Man - 70 years old - cynical, grumpy. Reference: Robert DeNiro Old Woman - 65 years old - sweet, caring. Reference: June Squibb Daughter - 45 years old - independent, sassy. Reference: Kim Cattrall Granddaughter - 26 years old - rebellious, different, bi-racial. Reference: Tessa Thompson Guy Next Door - 30 years old - down to earth, confident. Reference: Justin Chatwin Please submit headshot and resume. We will be shooting next weekend either April 11th or April 12th depending on everyone's schedule. There is no pay, but meals are provided. And you will be considered for the feature film.
Inviata da Little Wolf Entertainment
Inviato da MOONCASTING il domenica 25 marzo 2018 - 13:38:42 Stampa veloce  Crea pdf di questo provino 

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