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Dante Adaptation Commercial

ROBERTO: Male Approx age: Early 40s Approx height: 6’1” or 6’ 2” Hair color: Black hair with greyish hair at temples...or salt and pepper Hair length: Traditional mens haircut. Nothing too stylish or modern Body Type: Fit and healthy, not overly buff Any other distinctive features: Sharp blue eyes, Sort of a George Clooney type SIENNA: Female Approx age: Early to mid 30s Approx height: 5’6” - 5’7” - need to be sure that Robert doesn’t look enormous next to her Hair color: Natural blonde, cannot look like a fake bottle blonde Hair length: Just hitting the shoulder. Hair should not be overly long Body Type: Needs to have a nice figure but should not look like a model, need to convey an attractive smart girl (Reese Witherspoon, Scarlet Johannson)
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