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Male/Female Web Cam Models Needed - Top Company Now Hiring !

Webcam Models Wanted Men, Women, Couples and Groups

We are THE HIGHEST paying webcam modeling agency. We also have THE largest webcam modeling network with over 5 million visitors per day.

We are looking for men, women, couples and Groups (over 18) to become cam models. You can live anywhere in the world and make a lot of money right from your home, all you need is a computer and a webcam. You will be broadcasted on over 200 different adult webcam modeling sites simultaneously. With our excellent customer service and friendly Live support system, we will be assisting you each step of the way to ensure that you earn the most money possible. Pay is $1per minute PER VIEWER. So whether you want to become a cam guy or cam girl you can be sure that your are in the best of hands with us. We offer our webcam models helpful tips, promotional opportunities, and excellent pay. Internet modeling is a great way to break into the adult industry, webcam modeling is SAFE and SECURE. Webcam models can even block cities or states to protect your identity. You do not need prior experience as a webcam model to work with us, and in many cases having no prior experience is actually a plus. You can take a leave of absence or terminate your employment permanently at any time. All money that you earned while working will be paid to you as agreed.

To get started simply fill out a basic model info form and you can be online and working within 2 days compared to other sites that take minimun 2 weeks. Get your first payment in 1 week and with $1 minimum payout. Where other sites are $20. We pay on time, every time. I wish this were normal but, sadly it is not the case with every site out there. We never charge our models any fees, either up front or ongoing……looking forward to working with you :)

For more info please visit our cam model home page: www.i-camz.com/index.php?agent=2006

If you are a playful first timer who has never had a webcam job or experience in the business, or if you are an experienced adult model but are tired of wasting your time in free-chat (not making money) then click here: www.i-camz.com/agent/Model.php?agent=2006 (Model Application Page Link) to apply for one of our adult cam modeling jobs today!

I am here to assist you so please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any questions.


Paolo Lugara
I-camz Modeling Recruiter (Agent Code: 2006)



Benefits for all models:

- High quality traffic on the largest webcam network in the world with plenty of paying customers. This is one of the reasons our models make the most money.
- Get started in as little as 3 days, compared to other sites that take minimun 2 weeks.
- We do not have a minimum payout, so if you make at least 1 cent, we will pay you!
- We pay 20% more than the other competing sites!
- Models choose their own charging rate
- We never charge our models any fees, either up front or ongoing.
- Advanced HD streaming technology with the best video and audio quality available.
- Ability for models to accept private phone calls from clients during paid webcam shows.
- Absolutely no chargebacks or deductions.
- Models can block visitors by Country, City and State, and set up to 5 blocked areas.
- Support via email and toll free phone plus live support, 24/7
- Weekly payments by check, direct deposit or Payoneer.
- Tips and gifts for models sent by clients (received and forwarded by us).
- Year end 1099 earnings statements for U.S. based models (issued and sent by us).
- We pay on time, every time.
- We will not turn away a model based on looks, or based on how much you go online. 
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